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A Pipe Lining FAQ

If someone were to ask you what “pipe lining” was, would you be able to answer them? What if a hundred bucks were on the line and you needed to do your best? These are the kinds of questions that can be hard to answer in the moment, but when a professional gives you a quick explanation, they can seem simple.

We’ve decided to do a blog post where we seek to answer some of our customers’ most important questions. We want people to know that we’re not just a company providing pipe lining in Neenah, but we’re a team of plumbing professionals who go out of our way to help customers achieve the most from their home’s plumbing systems.

So, sit back and relax. We’re here to answer your most burning questions, and we’ll be sure to make the answers simple and succinct.

What Is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is exactly what it sounds like–it’s the lining that goes between the material of your actual pipes (steel, copper, or PVC) and the materials that it’s carrying. In the case of a sewer pipe, the pipe lining is what lets it carry wastewater from your home to the main sewer line without leaking into your property and causing problems.

Often times when there’s a plumbing leak that’s underground in a sewer line, our team can reline the pipe so that it still functions for years.

How Does Trenchless Tech Work?

Trenchless technology is a huge improvement from how plumbers used to replace underground pipes. Back in the day, we had to dig up large sections of property with expensive digging equipment in order to replace even a small part of your sewer, septic, or main water line.

Trenchless technology allows us to rebuild pipes using a special resin without needing to dig up nearly as much ground as we used to.

Can You Help With Other Plumbing Issues?

Of course we can! Our team is happy to provide plumbing assistance from the most simple tasks (like a drain clog or a leaky pipe) to the most complex, like trenchless pipe replacement.

The important thing is that you call us no matter if you think we can handle the job. We can diagnose your issue and make sure someone is there to address it, no matter what the issue might be.

Do I Need Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a service that can be exceptionally good for your home’s drain system. If you’re dealing with constant drain clogs and you’re trying to stay away from drain-cleaning chemicals, then the hydro jet is the best alternative.

Hydrojetting uses pressurized water to remove any and all drain-clogging materials from your plumbing system. It’s fast, effective, and works like a charm.

Can’t I Do All This Myself?

If you had a plumbing license and tens of thousands of dollars to spare, then we’d say yes. But otherwise, the answer is no. We use a lot of expensive equipment and take various training courses every year to ensure we complete projects by the book. Trying to DIY fixes like these might lead to expensive problems down the line.

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