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Can an Older Sewer Still Undergo Sewer Cleaning?

Monday, January 9th, 2023

This is an interesting question, and one we’d like to answer in a full blog post. An old sewer is going to be constructed out of different materials from a new one, and it’s likely prone to different problems. However, the answer is still going to be yes. An old sewer system will still benefit tremendously from sewer cleaning in Appleton, WI.

But as you might have guessed, the answer is a bit more complicated than just a simple yes. Older sewers can be dealing with problems that have spanned many years, like the infiltration of tree roots and corrosion, which means that hydrojetting is the least of your worries. But if your sewer seems to be running just fine without leaking anywhere, then it might need cleaning to remove any clogging materials.

Let’s discuss a few things to be aware of when investing in sewer cleaning services.

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Our Handy Hydro Jetting FAQ

Monday, October 10th, 2022
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Hydro jetting–what is it? Why would a homeowner need such a service? Is it only useful for certain kinds of drains or homes? These are the questions we get asked a lot, and we’re here to answer as many of them as we can!

The truth is that hydro jetting is a fairly innovative service that only the most well-equipped plumbing professionals can handle. A hydro jet is a pressurized water spraying device attached at the end of an auger to fit into your drain. It can easily remove the vast majority of drain-clogging material without the use of chemicals or anything else. It’s an amazing service and one that we recommend to all of our customers!

However, in order for you to feel like you’re making a good decision when investing in hydro jetting in Appleton, WI, you’ll need to know more about it. Read on to learn more.

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