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How Trenchless Technology Works

We’ve boasted about the incredible advancement that trenchless technology provides for both customers and plumbing professionals–but we don’t often talk about why. In truth, that’s because most customers just care about the price tag and their property, regardless of what a plumbing professional does. Less digging and time means the price is lower, so customers often like choosing trenchless sewer repair in Appleton, WI.

But today, we’d like to go into detail about this service so customers know why it takes less time and is cheaper. This will hopefully help some of our readers feel better when they choose a team that does trenchless work.

It’s not magic, it’s just human innovation and technology at work in the 21st century! Keep reading to stay up to date on your plumbing terminology and so you’ll know how trenchless services work.

Replacing an Existing Pipe

First of all, we need to get one minor problem out of the way. If you need a new pipe installed in your home that will be underground, trenchless technology can’t do much. You can’t just magically make a pipe appear underground, it needs to be dug and built because there’s a lot of soil that needs to be displaced.

However, most homes have old pipes that can be retrofitted and reused indefinitely with trenchless technology–and that’s where this tool truly becomes useful.

The system starts with the location of an old and outdated sewer pipe or other underground pipe. If it’s leaking or breaking apart, that’s no problem, a trenchless system can still repair or replace it.

It’s All Done With Resin

How does a trenchless system work? With resin!

This resin, or epoxy, is sent down your pipe in liquid form. It coats the pipe completely and seals it. Don’t worry, even though it’s a liquid now, it will quickly solidify and create a new pipe that’s airtight, strong, and built to last for at least the next several years.

This resin is extremely powerful and long-lasting. It’s not like a new pipe made out of galvanized steel that needs to be inserted underground, but don’t let its looks deceive you! This material is incredibly strong and is designed to last for years, even if it’s more affordable and starts out as a gooey resin.

Fast, Affordable, and Easy

All of this is fast, which means you pay less for labor hours since nobody is spending several hours digging up dirt. It’s also clean and simple, so your garden can rest easy knowing that nobody is going to have to uproot the valuable fruit trees, plants, and vegetables you spend years cultivating.

This is not only safer for plumbing professionals than it used to be, but it’s much faster and more affordable than it ever has been. This means that customers can have more access to trenchless sewer replacement services and we can even act proactively when there’s a small sign that something is wrong with your leaky sewer system.

Ready to explore your trenchless options? Schedule an appointment today with Seal Pipe Lining.

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