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3 Reason Your Basement Isn’t Draining


You have a floor drain in the basement, but now it’s not draining. Nothing is going down at all. This is definitely a huge cause for concern and the problem may not be as quick of a fix as you were hoping when you found this article.

We tackle basement drain issues in Combined Locks, WI and encounter problems that may surprise you. Let’s talk through the reasons behind your basement drainage problem, how to fix it, and get your problem fixed as soon as possible.

Tree Roots Blocking Your Main Drain Line

Tree roots grow in the direction of moisture. They need to feed off of a water supply, and if there are any cracks in your main drain line, roots will grow toward it.

Trees don’t know what’s in the moisture they’re growing toward, so even though it’s drain water, it’s all the same to nature.

If you have cracks in your drain line, you may not encounter a telltale problem. These little cracks just don’t make enough of a splash to be noticed until tree roots grow into the drainage line, causing a blockage.

This isn’t exactly an easy fix, but it’s one that you can’t avoid. Technicians will have to access the blockage, dig up the pipe, and remove tree roots. It’s not a DIY solution, that’s for sure.

Your Pipes Are Deteriorating

As your pipes age, they rust. This causes some shrinkage on the inside of the pipe since the rust essentially acts as buildup, similar to plaque in an artery.

While it can be wise to replace your pipes at this point, hydro jetting is also an option. This is when a technician uses a hose, sends it down into a pipe, and uses highly pressurized water to pull blockages and debris from the inside of your pipes.

While this can buy you some extra time (maybe even years), deteriorating pipes will eventually fail either way. At some point, you’ll have to replace those pipes.

Water Drain Backup Or Clog

Your drain line itself can clog which impacts your entire plumbing system. You may notice that some drains aren’t emptying as quickly as they used to, even though you know those specific pipes/drains have been cleaned.

If your main drain doesn’t flow properly, it backs up the rest of the house. This is most notable by a foul smell rising through your pipes, or an increase in insects and/or rodents. The stagnant water and whatever is rotting in the drain line are attracting them.

Whether it’s hydro jetting or digging up the drain line, this is an emergency and it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Fixing Your Drainage Issues

It’s almost never a block in the basement drain line itself, and nearly always a problem with the main drain line. That backup and lack of drainage can be fixed; it may just be a more involved process than you originally thought. We’re here to help.

Contact Seal Pipe Lining today to take care of your basement drainage problems as soon as possible. It’s not a problem that you can just leave alone–take action today.

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