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Can an Older Sewer Still Undergo Sewer Cleaning?

This is an interesting question, and one we’d like to answer in a full blog post. An old sewer is going to be constructed out of different materials from a new one, and it’s likely prone to different problems. However, the answer is still going to be yes. An old sewer system will still benefit tremendously from sewer cleaning in Appleton, WI.

But as you might have guessed, the answer is a bit more complicated than just a simple yes. Older sewers can be dealing with problems that have spanned many years, like the infiltration of tree roots and corrosion, which means that hydrojetting is the least of your worries. But if your sewer seems to be running just fine without leaking anywhere, then it might need cleaning to remove any clogging materials.

Let’s discuss a few things to be aware of when investing in sewer cleaning services.

Sewer Cleaning Won’t Help Leaks

If your old sewer system is leaking, then it might be a good idea to hold off from getting it cleaned by a professional. There’s a certain hierarchy to problems, and we believe that dealing with the harshest problem first is the most efficient method for fixing your sewer.

First, take a look around your property to see if you notice any of these kinds of issues:

  • Bright green grass. Grass on your property loves a sewer leak, mainly because the soil can absorb the nutrients from your sewer system. However, this is bad for your property, home, and your local environment due to some of the chemicals that can also be found in a sewer.
  • Bad odors. Foul odors can come from a leaking sewer system, so this can be one of your first most obvious signs that your sewer is leaking.
  • Healthy trees near the sewer. Trees can also absorb nutrients from a sewer, but that’s likely due to roots that have infiltrated your sewer system while causing damage.

Older Sewers Might Be in Rougher Shape

It’s also important to consider that an older sewer system might be in rougher shape than a new one. This isn’t meant to knock anyone’s old, reliable sewer system, but mainly a statement of fact. If you’d like to invest in drain cleaning, then we’d first like you to consider checking to make sure that your older sewer is free from corrosion, leaks, and other problems.

Keep in mind that a clear sewer won’t be much help if there are leaks in it, especially when weather events such as flooding start to take a toll on the system.

Ask Our Team for a Sewer Evaluation

Our team has high-tech ways of evaluating a sewer system to understand what might be wrong with it. Once we evaluate your sewer, we can give you a green light as to whether sewer cleaning can be performed efficiently, and we can then remove clogging materials.

If you’re suffering from slow drains throughout your home no matter how much you try to plunge them, then you might have a clog deeper in the system, likely in your sewer line. Our drain cleaning services can solve this problem, as long as your sewer is in good enough shape to handle it.

Contact Seal Pipe Lining today to have your sewer worked on by the best!

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