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3 Great Drain Solutions You Might Not Be Aware Of

Drains are a necessity in most modern homes. When you turn on the sink or get out of the shower, your drain helps to remove any contaminants that would otherwise cause your home to become unhygienic and dangerous. We owe a lot to these nifty contraptions!

But over time, drains can become the victims of clogs and other issues that can be a nightmare to deal with. We’re not just talking about a small clog or a slow drain, we’re talking about anything from a backed-up sewer drain to a fully clogged drain which can both be debilitating for your lifestyle.

Luckily, as your neighborhood plumbers, we’ve got some Appleton drainage solutions that you might not have thought of recently. And, with these tools at your disposal, you might be able to avoid the worst-case scenario.

The Drain Snake

Most people associate plumbers with the iconic plunger—and, while that’s an amazing tool to use for drain clogs, it’s not the only one you should have in your home arsenal. Almost as common and effective as a plumbers plunger, is the drain snake.

These things appear exactly as the name implies, a long piece of metal or plastic with ridges that can catch things. It might not seem like a great tool, but wait until you put that thing down the drain and start pulling it back up.

Instead of using pressure like a plunger, a drain snake uses snagging ridges and puncturing power to break apart clogs and rip up contaminating materials like hair and mold. As long as you’re delicate enough and use a material that won’t harm your plumbing pipes (like plastic), you can destroy most clogs, no matter how dense they are.

Hydro Jetting

If snaking or plunging your drain is taking too long, why not call us and set up a hydro jetting appointment?

Hydro jetting is cool: we basically use a high-pressure water hose attached to an auger that gets lowered into your drain. The water is so powerful that it breaks apart any clogging material and brings your drain back to normal.

The best part? It only uses water! It’s a perfectly natural cure to a clogged drain, but one that only a licensed professional has the knowledge to utilize correctly.

Drain Maintenance

Sometimes clogs are just the result of poor maintenance, which means they’ve formed over years. This is kind of unavoidable, and it’s just what happens when the dark recesses of your drain pipes get ignored for a long period of time.

Thankfully, drain maintenance is a great idea if you’re trying to prevent these problems from causing issues in the future.

Don’t want to deal with a drain clog anymore? Then get your plumbing system maintained and cleaned every once in a while so it’s way less likely to happen.

Schedule an appointment with Seal Pipe Lining to have your drains cleaned or repaired.

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