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Sewer Services: Are DIY Repairs Ever a Good Idea?

The short answer to this question is no, but it’s obviously more complicated than that. The truth is that many different types of home plumbing jobs can seem like DIY jobs if you just buy the right equipment or spend enough time. After all, time and elbow grease go a long way toward fixing 90% of the problems in your home. But sewer problems are not a part of that category.

Sewer repairs in Neenah need to be performed by licensed plumbers, like the ones on our team. It’s not just for legal purposes (which we will get into), but it’s also for your own convenience and budget. These projects can take a long time and require expensive equipment that might be too expensive to reasonably purchase on your own.

So, here’s our breakdown as to why sewer repairs are always a good idea when remaining in our hands.

Light Commercial Services

Sewer repairs are often categorized as “light commercial services,” for a very good reason. Depending on where your sewer is located, how it is set up to the local municipality, and what’s wrong, it could require any number of expensive pieces of machinery to fix. This equipment should only really be handled by a team of licensed experts.

Anything that is considered light commercial work should never be done by an unlicensed homeowner or amateur. This is the first reason for considering hiring a professional.

Time and Money

Let’s face it, if you’re looking to have your sewer repaired due to a leak, a clog, or some other issue, you want it to cost as little money as possible. This is pretty normal

However, this is where many people can run into problems. Customers might assume that DIY work on your sewer system is the cheapest way to get it done, but this isn’t necessarily true. Sewer repairs require expensive equipment, like digging equipment, and other tools that can be hard to use. The time and money it takes to get this kind of work done is usually not worth it.

But if you hire a professional team like ours to provide

Legal and Insurance Purposes

Depending on your local ordinances, it could be illegal for you to dig up your property and make changes to the sewer system, even if they’re needed. Look, we don’t make the rules, we just want to help customers get things done quickly, effectively, and at as low a cost as possible

Sometimes the fines that come with unlicensed sewer repair can be hefty and not worth it. Also, your home insurance policy might be violated by digging up your sewer system and trying to make repairs. The only way to avoid both of these situations easily is with professional services.

Just Schedule a Consultation Today

Want to skip all of this hassle? The solution is simple. Schedule a consultation with our team and tell us about your sewer issues. Have you detected a leak? Is it clogging up and causing your home’s plumbing system issues? Our team has the necessary experience, tools, and knowledge to address this issue head-on and fix it.

Contact the pros at Seal Pipe Lining for a job well done.

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