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3 Handy Plumbing Tools for Homeowners

Welcome to our helpful blog! Whether you’re a new homeowner, or someone who has been living in the same place for a while, we’re glad you found your way here. For many people, it’s hard to learn about plumbing solutions because there aren’t very good resources out there.

Sure, it’s nice to have a friend who is a plumber or a contractor, but not everyone knows those kinds of people, and sometimes you’ll have to pay them for their advice. This blog post is free of charge, and the main goal is to give customers and readers information about three distinct drain cleaning solutions that will clear out clogging debris and keep things running smoothly.

Not to spoil things, but the last suggestion on our list is professional drain cleaning in Appleton, WI, because, at a certain point, a drain clog can be too stubborn for regular household tools. Be sure to call our team if you get frustrated.

The Plunger

A plunger is a fantastic tool to have in your home. We’re not just talking about a toilet plunger, you need a plunger specifically designed for sink and shower drains too!

Plungers create a seal. When you push and pull on it, it adds or removes pressure to the drain using this seal, which can forcefully remove a drain clog (or clogging material). It takes a bit of elbow grease, but it usually gets the job done.

The Drain Snake

Drain snakes are another handy tool for drain clogs that might not be alleviated with a plunger. These are metal or plastic augers with ridges that you lower into your drain. Then, as you pull them back up, they catch drain-clogging materials like hair and rip them up.

They’re almost always made out of materials that won’t injure your pipe, but you’ll still want to be careful when pulling them up that you don’t break anything.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Some people might not consider a professional service a tool for homeowners, but it absolutely is. If you’ve been spending hours or even days trying to unclog your drain, then this is likely the best thing you can possibly invest in.

At a certain point, a plunger or a drain snake will provide diminishing returns. If the drain clog is that bad, or if it’s something like a sewer clog, then it’s not going to go away easily. Unless you’re a plumber, that is.

Plumbers have access to three important things that help them alleviate practically any drain clog they come across.

  • Knowledge. Knowing where your pipes connect to your sewer and where to check for problems means that a plumber can figure out the source of the problem quickly, even if it’s a simple drain clog.
  • Industrial plungers. Plumbers have access to industrial-grade equipment like plungers and drain snakes that are a lot better and more thorough than household ones.
  • Hydro jets. When worse comes to worse, you can always rely on a hydro jet to remove clogging material in a drain. These systems are powerful and only use pressurized water to get the job done.

For help with your clogged drain, schedule an appointment with Seal Pipe Lining.

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