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What’s Wrong With Your Basement Drains?

Drains are tricky systems to diagnose. On one hand, they’re pieces of plumbing equipment that function like any other drain. This means that you can sometimes find the answer to your problem online, and then it’s a matter of calling a professional to fix it.

However, depending on where the drain is in your home, you might be dealing with an entirely different problem. Basement drain issues in Neenah, WI can be symptoms of a much larger problem that other drains might not show signs of.

Think about it this way–basement drains that start running into problems can be just normal drain clogs, or they can be a sign that your sewer is backed up and making your home unsanitary. Only a professional plumber can really tell the difference, but we’ll explain how this problem happens.

Gravity Makes a Big Difference

The reason why we want to differentiate between your basement drains and other drains in your home is due to gravity.

Gravity is what tells us whether this is a sewer problem or just a regular clogged drain. Let us explain.

A sewer line is always underground, which means it’s as deep as your plumbing gets. When it gets clogged up, it usually affects the lowest drain which is the closest to the sewer clog. This means your basement drains are going to be the first ones to show a sign that something is wrong. If multiple drains are clogged in your basement, then you could have a sewer line clog.

Start Off Small

If you’re going to try and clear a clog yourself, make sure you start off small. Here are two tools that can help you in a pinch.

Plunge the Drain

Start with a plunger that’s sized for the drain you’re trying to unclog. Use steady movements back and forth to try and move the clogging material. If it looks like it’s not really helping, move on to using a drain snake.

Use a Drain Snake

Drain snakes can be lowered into a drain to help dislodge a clog and remove any contaminants with their rough edges. However, they won’t help you with a sewer clog or something that’s a lot deeper than just a regular drain clog. If it seems like this isn’t working, call our team for help.

Stay Vigilant and Call for Help

If you feel like you’re starting to see contaminants come out of your basement drain and into the sink or tub, then you will definitely need the help of a plumber. This is almost certainly a sign that you’ve got a sewer problem, and these contaminants could be dangerous to your health and the sanitation of your home.

The most important thing we can tell you at this step of the process is to stay vigilant and call for help when you need it. This means you should pay close attention to what the water in your drain looks like, how it smells and how dirty it is, and whether it’s the lowest drain in your home or not. These can be major factors that give us a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Then, before you spend hours trying to figure out this problem yourself, just call one of our master plumbers so we can diagnose it and get to work!

Trust the experts at Seal Pipe Lining to have your basement drain cleaned properly. Contact us today.

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