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Drain Cleaning Chemicals: What NOT To Use for Your Drain

Most grocery stores have an aisle dedicated to plumbing “solutions.” Sometimes these can be filled with helpful tools like plungers and drain snakes, cleaning supplies, and materials like oxalic acid that can remove things like grease and stains from your plumbing appliances. But many of them are filled with chemicals that are not very helpful when cleaning a drain.

It might sound like our drainage solutions in Appleton are from a bygone era, but we hope you’ll hear us out–the best solution to a clogged or dirty drain is a professional drain cleaning appointment. No chemical cleaners will get you the results you’re looking for, and they’ll more often than not cause problems.

Today, we’re going to talk about how drain-cleaning chemicals are a bad idea, how they cause problems, and why a professional plumbing appointment can make a huge difference.

How Drain Cleaning Chemicals Are Supposed to Work

Let’s imagine a world where chemical drain cleaners actually worked. Theoretically, in this world, here’s how they’re supposed to work.

Drain chemicals are either very acidic or caustic, which means they react with almost every substance they come in contact with. They have more volatile reactions with weaker materials like drain-clogging materials, than with your pipes or sink, but they will chemically react with everything they touch. The hope is that they’ll chemically react with your drain-clogging materials to dissolve them into a liquid so they’ll easily pass through the plumbing system. But that’s rarely how it ends up working.

But these chemicals can also react with your body, which is why you’ll see many warning signs on them and be advised to keep them away from children. These substances are just not good to have in your house period.

The Downsides to Chemicals

Need a bit of convincing? Here are the major downsides to these chemicals.

  • Fumes. The fumes and general health hazards that these chemicals provide are just not worth it. They can sting your eyes, nose, throat, and skin, sometimes lingering in your bathroom or kitchen for days. This is the best-case scenario, and things can get much worse if you come in contact with the chemicals or accidentally ingest them.
  • Corrosion. These chemicals also react with your drain pipe, causing early signs of corrosion. They’ll weaken the pipe lining and reduce the lifespan of your kitchen drain.
  • Subpar solutions. They barely work even when they are supposed to do their job.

What Our Team Can Do

How does a plumbing appointment beat a chemical you can buy at the grocery store? It’s simple really.

Our team has access to powerful, natural drain cleaning solutions that work without risking the integrity of your pipes or your personal health. Our hydrojetting system, for instance, uses pressurized water to rip apart drain cleaning materials while leaving your pipes alone. That’s right, it just uses water and pressure to do the trick, and it works remarkably well.

Ready for a solution that works? Schedule a drain cleaning appointment with Seal Pipe Lining today.

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