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Trenchless Piping Compared to Digging

We’re in a new age of DIY homeowners who are willing to do an exceptional amount of research for a job at home. This isn’t a bad thing by any means; we commend anyone willing to go the extra mile to save money and do what’s right for their house. Learning is never bad, and people who are willing to learn and apply themselves for home improvement deserve all the praise we can give.

However, sometimes a professional knows a secret that you might be missing. In the case of Appleton trenchless pipe lining, this is a process that’s been invented and refined by licensed professionals, and a DIY homeowner doesn’t really have the options that we do.

Sure, you could take a shovel and try to dig to reach your underground pipes and replace them manually, but we’re going to discuss with you today why that’s a very bad idea.

The Old Days of Piping

Imagine back in the day when your sewer or water line pipe was in need of replacement. Perhaps a tree root had infiltrated it, or it simply corroded over time. The only solution available was to dig a massive trench on your property to uncover the underground pipe and replace or fix it. This was labor intensive and took an extremely long time as people had to work hour after hour to move dirt from one place to another.

Over time, people started using power tools and heavy construction equipment to move that dirt, but the costs and time requirements were still high.

Eventually, things changed. Trenchless piping became a nifty solution to a problem that would otherwise cause damage to your budget and your property. But some homeowners are still opting for old-school trench digging, and we’d like to show why that might not be a good idea.

The Cost of Digging Trenches

Let’s break down the costs of digging trenches in the modern age when compared to trenchless piping.

  • Time. Time is precious. What if it takes days or weeks to dig up your lawn and replace a single pipe? Wouldn’t you rather have this job done in a day?
  • Ruining your property. All of this trench digging can be absolutely devastating to your property. Think of your garden, or the gorgeous wild ferns that you’ll have to rip up to replace a pipe through trench digging.
  • It’s expensive. Hours of labor, high-powered machines, it all costs a lot of money to be done on a schedule.
  • Bad for the environment. All of the carbon dioxide expelled from power tools, heavy machinery, and digging can be very bad for the environment. Trenchless piping removes all of this entirely from the process.

The Trenchless Solution

Thankfully, there’s a different solution. Trenchless piping allows our team to use a resin flowing through your pipe system to replace the lining of your pipe without any digging required. This is quick, safe, effective, and inexpensive–basically better than trench digging in every way.

We get it, you’re old school and you want to DIY as much for your home as possible, but this is one place where the pros have a secret that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Schedule trenchless pipe lining with Seal Pipe Lining today!

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